Our Mission - To provide you with the tools which enable you to gain a competitive edge at the lowest cost possible for the expansion of your products and services throughout the Internet. AdvertIse & Promote   New to building websites? Our design team can give you the site you've always wanted beginning with a 5-Page Hosted Website, and FREE domain name. Our skilled support staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist with any issues that you encounter while our engineering staff keeps a close eye on the network infrastructure to ensure that your Website and e-mail are operating smoothly. Directory & Store Network of locations to advertise within include but are not limited to: AIP; Apollo Biz; Dahweb; LJP2; Ljpweb; Bridal Shop; Cyber Mall Shopping; Ads Directory; Add A Link; Affiliate Advertiser; Affiliate Publisher; Classifieds; Suggest A Site; Trivia; and Crosswords.
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